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OEM machining parts manufacturers committed to safety and reliability. Material : Brass bar / tubeProduction by CNC complex machining
Heavy-duty water gun
This part is assembly by sand casting with machining parts, rubber parts, spring parts and CNC machining parts. We did the hot/cold water high pressure test, scycle test and drop test for this parts.
Water Gun
Rubber coated the plastic material

About Us

AECA is a privately owned, ISO9001:2008 certified. State of the art precision machining facility.

That is continually evolving as we strive to stay at the forefront of machining and manufacturing.

We provide a complete range of components from small pin to highly complex assemblies .Our machining capabilities are backed by highly skilled machinists, an ERP system, experienced engineering personnel backed by our quality system that helps us to maintain a superior level of service to our customers. The well trained and knowledgeable program management staff at AECA is at hand to support and provide all relevant information and status updates on customer account/programs.

Each of our products will do big data analysis, the establishment of database, so that product development and production of the process of traceability.